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Financial and Development Plan:


  1. Identify key expenses, and make a calendar for payment. Contact anyone we have contracts with currently (rent, conference etc.) to see about payment schedules.

  2. Review all outstanding grants and invoices and lobby for quick payment

  3. Identify low hanging fruit for fundraising:

    1. T-shirt and pride flag sale

    2. Dance party?

    3. Bangor office party?

  4. Pre Pride Fundraising Events:

    1. Tea 4 T Portland: Quill Cafe/bar all day on May 3rd

    2. Tea 4 T Bangor: Cospace on June 2nd in the afternoon

    3. Fundraising ask at the Wellness Summit

  5. Spring Appeal/ MTN Impact Campaign

    1. Collect all images and stories by 1st Friday of May, if not sooner

    2. Send out letter on May 1st

    3. Push push push with online component

    4. Include June Schedule of Pride Events

  6. Pride Fundraising Events:

    1. Queer Poetry Slam on June 11 or 12

    2. Pride Brunch Bangor on June 24th (still looking for a venue, could use advice from Bangorians

  7. Pride Revenue

    1. Swag sales (need to order these things)

    2. Pop up thrift

    3. Need to do a pop up thrift collection campaign in May.