Before you Contact us:

Thank you so much for reaching out to us! We do our best to provide timely and useful responses to everyone who reaches out to us via email and phone. We know many in our community have needs and questions, and we want to help! That said, we also want to make sure our community has an informed understanding about our capacity to respond to requests. We are staffed by two dedicated, but part time staff members with lots of competing priorities, and whose schedules change, sometimes drastically, week to week. As such, here are somethings  we want you to know before you reach out to us: 

  • We have a high volume of requests, and we answer all messages (email, phone, facebook page, website) in order of urgency, not date submitted. Basically, we will respond to someone who has just been kicked out of their house before answering a question about changing your name or requesting a training. 
  • In general, we aim to respond to all messages within two business days, though during high volume weeks, it may take slightly longer. 
  • Our offices are closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and we are not available to respond to general requests or answer the phone on those days. This means, if you email us at 6pm on a Friday, you may not get a response until the following Wednesday.
  • We batch our emails. This means we only respond during certain times of the work day, and do not have our email accounts open all day. 
  • If you left us a phone message, submitted through our website, emailed us, or sent us a message on facebook, we promise, we got it. We are working to set up auto responses to confirm receipt on most of these platforms 
  • Though we love supporting our community, we do want to emphasize, our phone is not a crisis line and our staff are not trained to the same level as crisis response workers. If you're in crisis, we encourage you to reach out to our friends at the Trans Lifeline. 
  • We ask that you please respect our staff's off time by not contacting them on their personal social media or email accounts with MaineTransNet questions. Though they do use their accounts for some planning purposes (our board, for example, using a secret facebook group to communicate) they are not only not expected to respond to messages on their off hours, but in an effort to create a sustainable work space, we have asked them not to respond to messages about their work when they are not in the office. 
  • A final reminder that we are human, and we promise you that we will make mistakes from time to time. Things sometimes get dropped during the day to day chaos of building a community. Our apologies if this happens to involve one of your messages. 

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