Tour for Trans Allies 

MaineTransNet is dedicated to community education about gender and transgender identity. Over the years, we've learned that our community is strongest when we have the support of a deep bench of allies, and that individual trans people are more likely to thrive when the allies in their lives know how to best support them.

With our community growing so quickly in such a politically hostile environment, we want to make sure we have as many allies as we can get in every corner of Maine. 

In 2018, MaineTransNet embarked on our statewide "Tour for Trans Allies" during which time we brought our trans allies training, along with a panel of local trans people to all 16 counties in the State of Maine at least once. We will continue these trainings in 2019.

This 2 hour event involves an overview of basic terminology and gender theory, an interactive discussion on how to ask for and use a diverse array of pronouns, and a group discussion on what we call the "Pillars of Allyship," five essential ways to support your local trans community and trans people in your life. 

MaineTransNet is currently seeking local partners (churches, libraries, Rotary Clubs, Schools etc.) to co-sponsor our tours in their local communities. If you are interested in hosting a section of the tour, please reach out to us at!