Thank you for your interest in supporting our work!

MaineTransNet is a community based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to support and empower transgender people and communities across the State of Maine. 

Many trans people arrive at our programs in a rough place. Coming from rural Maine many of our members have never met another trans person in their life. Some feel alone and ashamed—like they simply didn’t belong anywhere. Like they are unworthy of love and community. But what we hear over and over again from our members is that the moment they first walked through the door and into their first support group, all of that changed. For the first time in their life, they know it was possible to be themselves: that they belong. That they are not alone.

With us, they find a sense of belonging, acceptance, and possibility rooted in the community we’ve forged together. In a world that tells trans people every day that we should not and cannot exist, MaineTransNet is a safe harbor, a respite from hate and violence.

But the changing political and cultural climate has put targets on our backs. Elected officials are using us as punching bags, scoring points through outdated stereotypes, threatening our ability to exist in public. Hate groups right here in Maine, are using the growing visibility of trans people as recruiting tools. Quite simply, we are under attack and our conditions are desperate. In Maine, one in four trans people are living in poverty. One in three have experienced homelessness in the last twelve months. One in two have experienced sexual assault. And a staggering 41% have attempted suicide.

That is why MaineTransNet is working so hard to meet the growing needs of our community. We’ve just hired our first two staff members ever. We’re adding programs from Kittery to Presque Isle, as well as specific work to support vulnerable youth and elders. In 2016 we served 2000 transgender people from 14 counties across Maine. In 2017, we are on track to double that. The reality of trans life in Maine right now is dire, but we know that when trans people have access to a supportive community, the effect is quite literally life saving for many.

But we need your help to sustain our growth. We are asking you to support us in any way you can. We have a variety of ways to give, from big donations, to monthly giving as low as $3 a month, to volunteering a few hours a month to support our programs. Our work is hard, but with the support of amazing allies and a dedicated community, it is ever so full of hope.

We look forward to your support. 

-The MaineTransNet Team.